ZHOOSH Fitness Garage is a place for transformative change, making positive progress possible for everyone. Here’s what some ZHOOSH clients have had to say.

Testimonial 1

“I came to Robyn/ZHOOSH Fitness Garage in great pain, unable to continue my work as a professional organizer. I didn’t understand why my back hurt so much; I was scared that it was a chronic condition and that I would need to change professions.

She cared enough to visit and email my physiotherapist to get the full prognosis on my condition–all so that she could provide the very best  training possible and avoid exercises that could aggravate my condition. Robyn took the time to explain the problem and what we had to do to rectify it, and encouraged me to believe that I could be pain free.

After the first couple of sessions, I could feel a difference, but still needed my back brace for many of our exercises. After two months, I became pain free. I now walk differently, can bend to pick up heavy objects, and can squat to the ground! I realize that this is a lifelong journey to staying limber and healthy, and you started me on the right path.

Robyn’s attention to quality care is what I appreciate the most about her as a personal trainer. 

In gratitude,

Testimonial 2

“I’ve struggled with anxiety and mental illness my whole life and didn’t notice how much happier and calmer I felt since working out regularly (with Robyn of ZHOOSH Fitness Garage) until Christmas break where I was travelling and stopped.My doctors always told me to exercise and eat healthy and I didn’t really think it could make that much of a difference BUT I was wrong.Exercise is worth any anti-depressant or anti-anxiety pill I could take.”


Testimonial 3

“I had to buy a new pair of shorts cause mine kept falling off last class”

Testimonial 4

I started training with Robyn at bootcamps in August of 2012 and then as my personal trainer since December 2012 . When I first started working with her I had intermittent issues with my left shoulder rotator cuff as a result of an injury while waterskiing in the 2011 season. My flexibility and upper body strength was not great. I am a competetive Waterskier and compete at a National level as I have been for 38 years now. Robyn really focused my fitness training on my areas of weakness while improving my core strength and flexibility at the same time. I started waterskiing for the 2013 season at the beginning of April and I have noticed a drastic improvement in my overall strength, flexibility and cardio. It has taken me less time to get back close to the level of skiing I was at near the middle of last season. I not only feel stronger and less fatigued after two intense training sets but most importantly I am not sore the next day. My shoulder with rotator cuff injury does not ache when I sleep at night nor has it bothered me in my Waterskiing since I started training with Robyn.
I am very excited about continuing in my fitness program and the upcoming Waterski season as I prepare for the Nationals in August and I am truly grateful for Robyn’s support and guidance in developing a fitness plan that has focused on key areas to make me a better skier and feed my passion.
Thanks Rob. You are truly awesome!”
Bud Clarkson, P.Eng.


Testimonial 5

 “It has only been four weeks since I started training with Robyn and I already feel the difference! This time last month I had constant pain in my right shoulder and arm that kept me from sleeping at night. After establishing a strengthening routine that I complete three times per week my pain has almost completely disappeared. For the first time in months I am thrilled to say that I was able to do “downward dog” in my yoga class yesterday! Thank you Robyn, ever since I started working with you I have hope that I will fully recover (and soon!). “




Testimonial 6

I love Robyn’s training style. She knows exactly how to motivate without being too overbearing. I feel stronger and better than I have in years!

Robyn is Awesome!!! She patient, kind and understanding of my physical challenges. It’s been years since I’ve been physically active, especially after brachial nerve damage in my chest from a rib fracture in 2007. Even though it’s only been 2 weeks, I feel more empowered and confident today than I have in years. 

Testimonial 7

I love ZHOOSH Fitness Garage because Robyn, the owner, is awesome! She cares for each and everyone of her clients who come into the Garage and makes you feel right at home. The Garage has a real welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and Robyn also does so much for the community with fundraisers, charities and supporting other small businesses.

Yeah Robyn!

Anonymous via The Tyee

Testimonial 8

 I remember the day I came home from holidays feeling downright sad about where u was in life personally and there in my mail slot was your card !  It was like a bright light shining down on me. You offered “Personal” training and Kickboxing. But was in that moment that I had to call!

I called you 2 days later, and in our brief conversation knew this was going to be amazing if I could just start right away. You were amazing, made yourself available, met with me and made me feel like I could do anything. You demonstrated warmth, courage and support. I left feeling that I could do this!!

Robyn you were exceptional from the day I met you! You allowed me to keep my facade of confidence, to cover my fear and embarrassment and supported me every stepmom the way. My life is so much better today than that late July day, last year. I feel more in control, happier and truly capable in my personal life as well as my professional life !

Thank you for being an incredible coach, friend and cheerleader!
You have changed my life and many others by creating and fostering a community that is safe and inviting!!!

Thank you!!

Kathryn H


Testimonial 9

Robyn, every class with you is challenging and motivating. Each session, you manage to diversify the workout for your class, making sure we have an extremely well-rounded, sweat-dropping workout. Even with group classes, your personal attention to students is available at exactly those moments when we’re considering giving up, you push us with your spirit to do that additional repetition, to find that energy somewhere inside of us. You’re an expert on technique, variety and strategy for all exercises, and that quality transforms into trust. Robyn, thank you for the coaching, mentorship and support!

Testimonial 10

Being a resident born and raised in New Westminster for the last 26 years of my life, I can proudly say that Zhoosh Fitness has become an integral part of our community.  The involvement that Robyn has had with our local events (Quest New West, Spring Cleaning for your Mind, Body, Soul Health and Wellness Expositions at the River Market, Fire Relief Fundraiser, etc.) helps build a strong community.


Her enthusiasm as a trainer and her continual drive allows her clients to learn about themselves and the many opportunities they have to participate in events that challenge their fitness levels. I have been a client of Zhoosh for about half a year now, I know that I am hooked and will be part of the Zhoosh community for a long time to come. Robyn consistently makes an effort to go out of her way and ensure that each of her team members are achieving their goals, not just in fitness but any goal that the individual client is working towards. For myself, I was able to work through an injury and get back to my personal commitments.


ZHOOSH (Robyn) I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your above and beyond outlook towards your clients experience!