PWR! Moves For Parkinsons

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PWR!Moves is a cutting edge Parkinson disease-specific neuroplasticity-principled exercise program that holds promise to slow disease progression, improve symptoms, restore function, and increase longevity and quality of life. PWR!Moves was founded by Dr. Becky Farley, a physical therapist, neuroscientist, and Parkinson exercise specialist. PWR!Moves are the building blocks … [Read more...]

Capoeira at ZHOOSH Fitness Garage


  Renowned instructor Graduado Rasta Raspado of Abada Capoeira Vancouver​ will be teaching this new program. Improve your flexibility, condition your body and discipline your mind in this fun and eclectic sport. Capoeira is a game played to music. Known as the secret dance of Brazil, it is a display of self-defense and is an excellent workout for all ages. Wear loose … [Read more...]

Announcing our first location!


ZHOOSH Fitness has been proud to serve New Westminster as a mobile, on-site personal trainer and fitness solution, but the ZHOOSH experience is growing! This year we're expanding to include a ZHOOSH Fitness home base in a refurbished Garage on 11th Street in New Westminster, with convenient access from New West Station. We're looking forward to offering a full range of … [Read more...]

Exciting New Things Happening!

Summer’s Here Total Body Conditioning Classes coming to New Westminster! ZHOOSH Fitness by Design, in conjunction with Total Martial Arts, is excited to announce the early morning sessions of Summer’s Here Total Body Conditioning Classes. This small class size of 3-4 clients allows for one-on-one personalized training at a fraction of the cost!  Build muscle, tone your … [Read more...]

I have a confession…

I have a confession to make!  I knew this week was going to be tough, starting a new job and all, getting used to the hours, new environment and learning the ropes as I go and oh yah, standing all day! This old body just does not like standing all day!!! Oh right, the confession......... I wrote the last few posts ahead of time as I knew I just would not have the time … [Read more...]

The Personal Stuff! (or the boring stuff) Part 2

Ok, I'm ready to finish this story!  Coffee is at hand! Fast forward 4 years and i'm single again.  I mentioned earlier that as kids we used to ice skate all the time and I missed it!  So I decided to take up Adult Figure Skating!!  I was loving it and learning all sorts of new tricks.  One day I was practising over and over again my know, the one legged kind … [Read more...]

The Personal Stuff! (or the boring stuff) Part 1

When i was first asked if I was going to do a blog to go along with my Personal Training business, I said yes, I was thinking about it. You see, I wondered if I would have the time to contribute on a regular basis to a blog.  I mean, I was already maintaining 2 Facebook Pages, trying to get Zhoosh fitness by design off the ground and I had already started a new venture with … [Read more...]