Gobble Gobble


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Yesterday, I trained clients in the morning and then was off to a family brunch with my homemade pumpkin pie (more on that in another post). I then spent the remainder of the day getting some much needed rest and woke up this morning with a plan-to build even more Lean Muscle! Did you know  that building lean muscle has the … [Read more...]

Katie’s Story and her Get Fit Journey

A friend, colleague and now client approached me awhile ago about getting her health back and wanting to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle a priority again!  Here is her story and the fun opportunity we came up with to join  Katie in her Get Fit Journey I have a personal story to share by Katie Marshall   My mother was adopted … [Read more...]


    This picture was taken on the last day of my teaching Boot Camp this summer and I was not happy with myself when I saw it!  See that red arrow?  Yes, it is pointing to.....yes, Robyn has a Muffin Top!  I know it might not be significant to others, in fact a few people have made comments in that direction but to me and my health it is.   Did you know that if your … [Read more...]

The Personal Stuff! (or the boring stuff) Part 2

Ok, I'm ready to finish this story!  Coffee is at hand! Fast forward 4 years and i'm single again.  I mentioned earlier that as kids we used to ice skate all the time and I missed it!  So I decided to take up Adult Figure Skating!!  I was loving it and learning all sorts of new tricks.  One day I was practising over and over again my spin.......you know, the one legged kind … [Read more...]

The Personal Stuff! (or the boring stuff) Part 1

When i was first asked if I was going to do a blog to go along with my Personal Training business, I said yes, I was thinking about it. You see, I wondered if I would have the time to contribute on a regular basis to a blog.  I mean, I was already maintaining 2 Facebook Pages, trying to get Zhoosh fitness by design off the ground and I had already started a new venture with … [Read more...]