Sunday Series – Health & Fitness Seminars


ZHOOSH Sunday Series – Health & Fitness Seminars!When: Monthly starting on Jan 18, 2015. 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Minumim of 5 partcipants required. Invite your family, friends and colleagues!  Tickets are $10 each and can be obtained through Eventbrite HERE. Host: ZHOOSH Fitness Garage, specializing in all things MMA. The Garage is the only place in New Westminster that … [Read more...]

Summer’s Here: Fun and Clean Eating!


Hey Everybody! I hope you are feeling as happy as I am at the moment :)  Seem's summer has finally decide to show off her hot stuff!  Making her entrance on the Canada Day long weekend. What is everyone doing to celebrate? I'm taking advantage of this weekend to get caught up on business matters and tomorrow I will be heading to the beach with a girlfriend.  I actually can't … [Read more...]

A Post about Pee and other things


I dropped a roll of T.P in the toilet the other day.  Did you know that they swell to 2x their size????  I am so cheap that I pulled that sucker out so fast and it has been drying for the past few days. Which brings me to the topic of the colour of  pee.  This morning I was sitting on the toilet, thinking about the colour of pee.  Now tell me, who thinks about this early in the … [Read more...]