PWR! Moves For Parkinsons

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PWR!Moves is a cutting edge Parkinson disease-specific neuroplasticity-principled exercise program that holds promise to slow disease progression, improve symptoms, restore function, and increase longevity and quality of life. PWR!Moves was founded by Dr. Becky Farley, a physical therapist, neuroscientist, and Parkinson exercise specialist. PWR!Moves are the building blocks … [Read more...]

Capoeira at ZHOOSH Fitness Garage


  Renowned instructor Graduado Rasta Raspado of Abada Capoeira Vancouver​ will be teaching this new program. Improve your flexibility, condition your body and discipline your mind in this fun and eclectic sport. Capoeira is a game played to music. Known as the secret dance of Brazil, it is a display of self-defense and is an excellent workout for all ages. Wear loose … [Read more...]

Meet Gurinder Khabra – Guest Boxing BAD Instructor

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Gurinder started boxing at the “tender” age of 15, under the guidance of Tony “Kid Fire” Pep. Tony Pep is a former world champion who  continues to coach and train athletes on an amateur and professional level. Gurinder has 15 fights under his belt with 10 wins and two exhibitions and says his highlight was fighting in the Tacoma Golden Gloves in 2014!  In July 2013 he … [Read more...]

FCBC Fight Club Bootcamp


Not quite ready for our intense Boxing BAD program? Then check out our new FIGHT CLUB BOOT CAMP! FCBC is a mix of strength, teamwork, cardio, boxing circuits and drills combined in a safe and unique way. It is effective in producing great results, whether you are looking at losing weight, getting toned, building strength and endurance or just want to have … [Read more...]

Exciting New Things Happening!

Summer’s Here Total Body Conditioning Classes coming to New Westminster! ZHOOSH Fitness by Design, in conjunction with Total Martial Arts, is excited to announce the early morning sessions of Summer’s Here Total Body Conditioning Classes. This small class size of 3-4 clients allows for one-on-one personalized training at a fraction of the cost!  Build muscle, tone your … [Read more...]