FMA – Joyce Findlay Martial Arts


  Joyce Findlay came to Canada from Scotland nearly 10 years ago and it didn't take her long to find the right kickboxing studio at Ultimate Martial Arts. She has been training with Sensei Farzam for over nine years now and received her Black Belt three years ago. Joyce hopes to get her first Dan sometime in the near future. Since she started teaching at the dojo she … [Read more...]

Start young and reap the benefits of exercise!

Snow Chatham NB

As an active child…alright, a tom boy, it wasn’t difficult for me to stay in shape! In the warmer months my sisters and I would be outside after school (and after homework) until “the whistle” called us in for dinner and then back outside we went until it got dark. Monkeying (is that a word?) around in the playground, climbing trees, riding our bikes all over the … [Read more...]

Meet Gurinder Khabra – Guest Boxing BAD Instructor

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.40.20 PM

Gurinder started boxing at the “tender” age of 15, under the guidance of Tony “Kid Fire” Pep. Tony Pep is a former world champion who  continues to coach and train athletes on an amateur and professional level. Gurinder has 15 fights under his belt with 10 wins and two exhibitions and says his highlight was fighting in the Tacoma Golden Gloves in 2014!  In July 2013 he … [Read more...]

FCBC Fight Club Bootcamp


Not quite ready for our intense Boxing BAD program? Then check out our new FIGHT CLUB BOOT CAMP! FCBC is a mix of strength, teamwork, cardio, boxing circuits and drills combined in a safe and unique way. It is effective in producing great results, whether you are looking at losing weight, getting toned, building strength and endurance or just want to have … [Read more...]